What better than to let you know what others thought about my expertise;

“Henry is a great creative mind from the Netherlands (the best country in the world for graphic design in my opinion) who has a natural instinct for beautiful creations. Henry understands the reason why things needs to be designed a certain way. He’s a human sponge, always curious. Henry is fast and reactive, he will always give you options. If you’re looking for a sharp team player who’s not scared to tackle print work, web work, logos, guidelines, art direction and other things, contact him urgently before someone else does.” 

Creative Director, Advertising Agency BCM, Marco Eychenne | Brisbane, Australia | October 05, 2011

“Henry Bauke worked on particular branding projects for Hive Swimwear – He is a meticulous designer and has attention to detail. His work is always on efficient time schedules and budget with priority. As a person Henry is very understanding to the clients needs.”

Marketing Director, Hive Swimwear Peter Hogg | Noosa heads, Australia | September 25, 2011

“Henry thinks, designs, renews, thinks, communicate, adds, thinks, produce, learn, thinks, create and suprises you. Henry is a born designthinker with a natural globalvision.”

Director from Hollands Lof. Michel Van Ruyven | Haarlem, The Netherlands | March 19, 2009

“Henry works well in our company. We design lots of stuff and so-phis-ti-ca-ted branding too. Henry develloped really fast in our team and made amazing things. We’d like to have him back, but now he’s in Holland. That leaves us with working offline together. As a freelancer he’s very puntual and works throughout the night when we need the piece first thing in the morning. Recomended | p.d. please don’t give him 2 much work, he wouldn’t have time for us…”

Director Prince Dialogue, Sjoerd Gaastra | Barcelona, Spain | February 13, 2009

“Studio HB has been bringing us the window to look further. He is more than what we expected for a Graphic Designer. It has been a pleasure to work with him, and we look further to future collaborations.”

Voor De Wereld Van Morgen / ASN Bank | Den Haag, The Netherlands | September 13, 2008


Who is Henry Bauke

Henry is a designer with an international background, currently living and working in the Netherlands. He began his career working for agencies and studios across Spain and the Netherlands. This experience led him to work for multiple clients and environments. Producing award winning work.

It was soon clear that he had a strong conceptual bias that was strengthened by enrolling on the Master of Visual Communication at the renowned dutch school, Post St.Joost.

And ever since, his works have been characterized within a strong conceptual basis.

In recent years, Henry has been working for commissioned work across different countries, he’s joined the Digital agency BCM located in Brisbane, Australia. And is currently employed in the creative team of Interbrand – Amsterdam.

Today Henry still evolves under his principles of “clear messaging in simple and communicative designs”. Eliminating the noise and focussing on the relevant. Substraction in place of addition. That is the way he can ensure relevance and uniqueness.

Important elements in his work are: strong ideas, straight forward use of techniques, a self-willed identity and great ability to turn imagination into reality.

As a creative mind, Henry believes in the importance of following the well neglected and inherent sense of intuition. A tool that has proven to come up with the best decision making. As a conceptual mind, Henry empowers strategic thinking by out of the box approaches. Having the ability to make reasoned and comprehensive constructions.

This combination favors him as a fit reinforcement in the team.

Energetic, resourceful and passionate. Henry is a committed professional that has been collaborating on giving creative workshops and sessions in China, as well as being a lecturer in the Art School of Barcelona and other platforms.

Clients include: TNT post, T-Mobile, E.U, Queensland Rail, Queensland Theatre Company, Donunt King, Sunny Eggs, Heineken, Philips, ING bank, Etos, Arbouw, Teatre National Catalunya, OZ lotto, Novartis, Roche, Delta Lloyd, Schouten & Nelissen …


You can download the C.V by clicking here